a Force to end hUman Sexual Exploitation

FUSE is the statewide anti-trafficking coalition in North Dakota. FUSE is a space for advocates, direct service providers, law enforcement, and allied partners who are seeking to develop and implement a coordinated, comprehensive response to the sex trafficking crisis in North Dakota..


FUSE aims to raise overall awareness about the issue of human trafficking and its prevalence in North Dakota, facilitate training and of first responders to human trafficking, and collaborate with organizations providing assistance to victims of human trafficking.

FUSE was created with the values of human dignity, integrity, partnerships, excellence, and innovation. These principles guide us in our efforts, and ensure that we remain focused on our ultimate goal of seeing the eradication of sex trafficking and exploitation in North Dakota.                                                                                                                Read More


Learn about the ways in which coalition partners and others are helping human trafficking victims.


Find out about upcoming training and events sponsored by the coalition and/or partners. 


Find links, data, and information related to human trafficking in North Dakota and beyond.


Learn about the issue of human trafficking, who the victims are, and the scope of the problem.